The Temple

The Temple represents the Three Jewels' presence in the world.

It is a place of perfect purity which naturally encourages a state of calm, devotion and respect in the practitionner.



Why build a Temple ?

The creation of the temple firmly establishes the presence of the Buddha, his teaching, and the community of people committed to practising this teaching. It serves as a basis for practice and enables all who wish, to come together in devotion and prayer for the benefit of all beings.


As well as being a source of inspiration and blessing, the temple houses a great deal of sacred art and architecture. It is a symbol which represents the Dharma's existence in the West today and in the future, and the collective movement of all practitioners towards enlightenment.

The temple is a veritable sacred space where certain daily, wheekly and monthly group rituals are held. It is also used for special events such as the arrival of great lamas, initiation ceremonies or for the coming out of retreats.