Individual Retreats

Anyone who wishes to accomplish a short duration individual retreat at Dhagpo Kundreul Ling must fulfil several conditions. One must be a committed Buddhist practitioner who has taken refuge. One should have a basic understanding of the Dharma and have received teachings from our tradition. It is also necessary to have established contact with a lama beforehand, who has clearly given his or her consent to guide the retreat.

An individual retreat gives the practitioner the opportunity to practice in inspiring conditions which are favourable for meditation. The body is removed from all types of external agitation, the speech has nothing to express, and the mind can progressively rest and recognise itself. In these conditions, one can work with the mind. Individual retreats must, be guided by a lama, whether he or she be a lama responsible for retreats (drupön) or a lama to whom one feels a close connection.

Each retreatant is given his or herown room. A retreat day is divided into several sessions of meditation practice according to a programme defined by the lama.

Meals are taken communally with other retreatants and residents. The minimum duration for a short retreat is one week. This period allows the practitioner to have enough time to let go of daily concerns and to experience some space and freedom in the mind.