Pende Ling Hermitage

For practitioners who wish to complete a short retreat, Pende Ling hermitage offers twenty individual rooms in an atmosphere conducive to meditation.

The building includes a group practice room, kitchen, refectory, bathrooms, a garden and a retreat room equipped for persons of reduced mobility. Meals are taken communally which aids communication with other practitioners.

Interviews with the lama leading your retreats can take place regularly according to their availability and the requirements of your practice.


Different possible types of retreat

1. Individual retreats (1 person per room) A minimum of four practice sessions a day

2. Residential group retreats (advanced practitioners, 2 people per room) A group, which could be a dharma group or a KTT, stays at the hermitage and practices there with one or more communal sessions a day. Nobody outside this group may then join it.

3. External group retreats (2 people per room) A group stays at the hermitage but the teachings and meditation sessions take place in the temple at Le Bost or Laussedat.

Conditions for doing a retreat:

For you to do an individual retreat,
a basis of practice is necessary; so it is desirable to have already been involved in group teachings and practice, which helps develop the sense of discipline and ethics necessary for practice in a retreat centre.

The first step is to make contact with a Kundreul Ling lama or drubla who will discuss your needs with you, decide whether this sort of retreat is right for you and suggest the time and programme for your practice. Then you should contact the hermitage to fix the dates for your retreat.

For a dharma group or a KTT,
one person should contact reception at the hermitage which will send a form requesting details about the whole group.

To get to Kundreul Ling by train:
There are two stations to choose from: St Gervais-Châteauneuf (about 12 km away) and Clermont-Ferrand (about 60 km away).

If you choose to come by train, reception at the hermitage can give you telephone numbers of people who could give you a lift from these stations to Kundreul Ling (for a contribution to costs).


Reception Pende Ling Hermitage
Le Bost
63640 Biollet

The office is open :

  • morning : Monday to Friday at 10am to 12.30pm.
  • afternoon : Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm to 5pm.

Tel: +33 4 73 52 24 60
E-mail :