Organisation of the monastery

The monastic hermitages are managed by the congregation Karma Tarchin Lhundrup. The monastic congregation's livelihood is ensured partly through the fruits of its spiritual work - the hermitage for short retreats, prayer requests etc.

The greater part of its construction projects and general running costs are financed through donations. This corresponds to Gendun Rinpoche's wish that the community should not lose sight of its purpose by adopting activities such as commerce. In this way the community is able to commit itself completely to spiritual activity. Furthermore the benefactor, by contributing to this activity, shares the merit created by the practice of the lamas, druplas and retreat practitioners and their efforts to preserve and spread the Dharma.


Within the community all important decisions are debated and taken together during the monthly meetings of the community members. For matters concerning the direction of the whole of the Dhagpo Kagyu Mandala, decisions are discussed and taken at the bi-annual meetings at Dhagpo Kundreul Ling by all the lamas and druplas involved in these centres' activities.


The lamas and druplas practice regular daily, weekly and monthly rituals, prayers and meditations together in the temples of Le Bost and Laussedat.

Most of these rituals are open to the public, the exception being the ritual for the deceased on the tenth day of the lunar month which is carried out by lamas and druplas alone. All of the rituals are dedicated entirely to the benefit of beings, and especially to those who are sick, in difficult cirumstances, the deceased and their families.

The community's objective and raison d'être is to preserve, in its entirety, the spirit that Gendun Rinpoche transmitted through his teachings. This means ensuring an authenticity unpolluted by personal interests and safeguarding a living source of inspiration through which beings can be certain to find liberation.