Long term student practioners

After staying for several short periods of activity and study, certain people decide to commit themselves fully for a longer period (of up to three years.)

As a student practitioner helper one can deepen one's experience and knowledge of the Dharma with the possibility of moving towards accomplishing a three-year retreat and eventually monastic life.

The daily life of Kundreul Ling's practitioners alternates between periods of activity for the community, study and the practice of meditation. A resident's charter outlining the rules of the community is made known to all new students.


The rituals:

From 6.15 to 7.15pm there is the Mahakala ritual; from 8.15pm to 9.15pm there is the Tchenrezi ritual in the temples of Le Bost and Laussedat.

The lamas give teachings on certain weekends and there are weekly or monthly rituals such as Green Tara, Tcheu, Milarepa and Sangye Menla. Courses are held at certain times throughout the year. Each resident chooses a lama to act as a guide for their practice and spiritual evolution.



Residents are accommodated, men in Le Bost and women in Laussedat, in dormitories or rooms with two or three beds. A monthly financial participation is asked of each resident to contribute to food and lodging expenses.

All students are free to end their stay whenever they wish, having notified others in advance, according to their responsibilities.