Organisation of the long retreats

In 1983 the 'AHET' Association of Higher Studies in Tibetology, which has French legal status, was created. Its role is to organise and manage all activities relating to the study of the Himalayan civilisations' traditions and cultures. It is responsible for the management of all the retreat centres as a whole. During their stay, all retreatants are members of the AHET association. Each individual finances the cost of his or her own retreat, currently fixed at 2200 French francs (370 €) per month. This covers the expenses of food, accommodation, gas, electricity, water, building maintenance, offerings for the rituals etc. Personal requirements such as clothing, photocopies etc, are not included in this basic fee.


The retreat is principally financed by the retreatants personal benefactors and / or their own savings. Between retreat periods the AHET association finances repairs to the existing buildings and any new retreat centre construction. This work is carried out either by the volunteer workers or by professionals when specialized skills are required.