Community Life

Each lama and drupla is responsible for a particular sector of activity within the community such as rituals, teachings, directing the retreats, the art school, support for the deceased, management, administration, accounting, translations, construction work, maintenance of the premises etc.

In this way their time is spent between fulfilling their daily work commitments and their personal spiritual practice.


The lamas and druplas each have an individual room for study, meditation and rest. This allows them to alternate between periods of activity and retreat. They have the option of taking meals together in the communal refectory. Each of them participates financially in the running of the community.

The monastic community is completely interdependent not only with the lay community which lives, practices and works voluntarily around it, but also with people of diverse nationalities desiring to be guided on the path to enlightenment and who visit regularly and keep in touch with the centre. As we wish to preserve the altruistic attitude which was taught by the Buddha, all teachings are given free of charge.


In gratitude for the spiritual richness transmitted by our masters, the Dharma is given for everyone's benefit. In return each person who put the teachings into practice sincerely makes an individual contribution to the Dharma's continuation.