The centre in Jaegerndorf, Germany

In response to a demand in the German speaking countries for a Dharma centre under the spiritual direction of Gendun Rinpoche, and connected to our monastic congregation, the lamas of Dhagpo Kundreul Ling went about trying to make this a reality.
In November 1995 the community found a house to rent in southern Bavaria which had served previously as a Dharma centre. It was here that Kundreul Puntsok Ling was established.



The centre is a house which consists of a temple, a refectory, a communal kitchen, four single rooms and four dormitories.

It can accommodate up to thirty people for the teachings and courses organised by Dhagpo Kundreul Ling's lamas. Two residents take care of the centre's everyday needs.People attending courses have the possibility to do short retreats guided by the lamas and to participate in the centre's community life.



Gendun Rinpoche said of this centre:
'If you practice the Dharma regularly and vigorously, this centre will become a source of light for the world. This place satisfies all the necessary conditions for this'.

Towards the end of 1995 the centre was consecrated by Lama Jigme Rinpoche who granted a Green Tara initiation and teachings on the Dharma's foundations to mark the occasion.


Ever since then, Kundreul Puntsok Ling's activity has been in constant development. It is now frequented by many people who come to practice the Buddha's teachings during the organised courses and retreats.

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