Lay Centre at Bordo, Italy

Bordo Village Community : Cooperativa di Bordo Karma Kagyü Zentrum Karma Dechen Yang Tse Ling

Bordo is a little village in the Alps of northern Italy, near Domodossola. It is situated 200 metres above the valley in a chestnut forest with the only access being a 15 minute walk. Heavy loads have to be carried by a cable railway.

Bordo itself was founded during the 16th century, however by the 1950's its inhabitants had all moved down into the valley, leaving it completely abandoned. In 1981, during the cremation of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in Rumtek (Sikkim) the idea came about to revive this village and to create a buddhist centre there. Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche blessed the project and named it Karma Dechen Yang Tse Ling.



By 1982 the Bordo co-operative seated in Bern, Switzerland had already been founded. In this way over the following years most of the houses and stables were bought and renovated. At the same time a village community progressively developed, which from then on passed through many different phases.


The Dharma centre is at the heart of this community and residents' daily life values are directed towards the Dharma. A house where courses are held and accommodation has ben created and a varied course programme developed. Here there are courses for different aspects of holistic life like Yoga, Shiatsu, Kum Nye, fastening and so on. Each year many course participants, helpers and vacation guests visit the village, as well as many families with children.


Many visiting Rinpoches and Lamas have brought and continue to bring blessing and inspiration to Bordo. In 1986 a stupa was built. The community's ever deepening connection with Gendun Rinpoche's mandala in France has greatly marked Bordo's Dharma activities and since 1999 it is part of the Dhagpo Kagyu Mandala. Several rooms for individual retreats are available in the newly renovated Dharma House. Every spring, our yearly "Bodhicitta" review appears, and a small program for further Dharma activities comes out in autumn.

Anyone who wishes to visit Bordo is invited to contact us by mail or telephone!

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